This Week's Eastern Standard

Jul 11, 2019

We have a lot of questions.

Do undocumented immigrants boost crime rates? Does quality public education drive economic development?

Can rural Kentucky benefit from ideas hatched in other parts of the world? Might you kick yourself for forgetting this before heading out for a hike in the back country?  Can an artist bring the Great Lakes to Kentucky? 

We've also got a lot of answers on this edition of Eastern Standard. 

A plan to highlight the railroading history of the Estill County town of Ravenna ∙ Lexington author Margaret Verble on her new book, Cherokee America ∙ Degree regret: second thoughts about college majors ∙ Details on Critical Mass III: boosting arts coverage in the Ohio Valley region ∙ The “what, where, and when” of this year’s Kentucky Crafted Market

Steadman retrospective coming to Lexington ● Group purchasing of solar power ● The shortcomings at KY OSHA● Coal employment at all-time low ● Pikeville's painful loss: EnerBlu ● Debating with body language