UK Center for Applied Energy Research

University of Kentucky Center for Applied Energy Research

The recent Carbon 2019 conference in downtown Lexington featured scientists, university researchers, and commercial representatives from 31 countries. 

Ignasio Martin Gullon is from Spain.  He’s done sabbatical work at the University of Kentucky Center of Applied Energy Research.  Martin Gullon said in his home country there is a lot of interest in carbon at a university level.

Carbon 2019 Attracts A Global Crowd Of Scientists

Jul 16, 2019

Downtown Lexington is playing host this week to engineers and scientists specializing in carbon materials.  That includes representatives from a central Kentucky aircraft braking company.

The University of Kentucky Center for Applied Energy Research is the recipient of $2.2 million in federal funding.  The money will go to support phase two of a demonstration project to develop a carbon-capturing coal- fired power plant. 

Director Rodney Andrews said work now focuses on lowering the cost to achieve CO2 capturing. He said it currently would require about 30% of the power plant’s output to operate the solvent interaction process for emissions. “So, what we have targeted is reducing both the cost for capture, but also the amount of energy that has to be used to do that,” said Andrews

Research Continues On Sawdust-Coal Energy Pucks

Apr 15, 2019

Research on renewable energy options takes on many different forms.  That includes energy pucks which include sawdust and coal.

Plastic bags, each containing a different hardened mix that included sawdust, traveled through the hands of attendees at a recent forestry industries conference in Lexington.  The research examines the effects of burning these briquettes in coal-fired power plants.

The director of the University of Kentucky Center for Applied Energy Research says carbon capture technologies could help stabilize coal mining employment in the Commonwealth.  Center officials last week received a federal grant of nearly a million dollars.