Think twice before giving pets bones to chew on during holiday meals. Licensed Veterinary Technician Racheal Shultz of the Murray Animal Hospital says to avoid giving pets any part of the meal. She says the biggest problem she encounters during the holidays is pets suffering from digestive problems after their owner slipped them food from the table.

Shultz says to stay away from pork products because they are hard on dogs’ and cats’ systems.

Stress Management Blog

While the holidays are often accompanied with feelings of joy and happiness, one in five people feel an 'extreme' level of stress. That's according to Murray State University psychology professor Dr. Michael Bordieri. He says that stress largely comes from social expectations that the holidays be perfect. A stress-free holiday, he says, can include letting go of this idea.

Lexington Nonprofit Launches New Effort to Combat Workplace Stress

Aug 18, 2014

    A Lexington charitable group begins workshops this week aimed at impacting corporate attendance, violence, stress, and relationships.