Mary Meehan

The city of Georgetown became the latest Kentucky community to approve a fairness ordinance last night.  The ordinance protects citizens from discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

During a marathon council meeting Monday night, council members heard lengthy public comment including chapter and verse biblical references cited by both supporters and opponents of the ordinance under consideration.

Ordinance Amendment Protecting Religious Liberty

May 29, 2019

The Paducah City Commission approved an amendment Tuesday night revising the city’s ‘fairness ordinance’ to protect religious liberty.

Henderson Considering Fairness Ordinance

Mar 29, 2019

Henderson could become the next Kentucky city to enact a so-called fairness ordinance that would grant civil rights protections for the LGBTQ community.

The measure would ban discrimination in housing, employment and public accodmodations. 

Mayor Steve Austin says Henderson had a fairness ordinance about 15 years ago but it was later repealed. 

He says the controversy split the city and doesn’t want to see that happen again. Austin adds that he hasn’t seen evidence of the city needing those protections for LGBTQ members.


    Lots of fireworks will likely be going off the next few days in central Kentucky neighborhoods. In Lexington, there will likely be a mix of legal and illegal works.

More than a year ago, the state passed legislation to legalize flying and exploding fireworks.  Still, some individual communities, like Lexington opted to continue a ban on those types of pyrotechnics.  Most all of the counties surrounding Fayette do allow the sale of fireworks that go airborne or blow up.