'Play Ball' Month Declared in Lexington

Aug 10, 2015

Lexington is joining more than 130 communities nationwide in making the call to ‘play ball’ during August.  Lexington Mayor Jim Gray made it official Monday.  The mayor has declared August “Play Ball Month.”  It’s an initiative supported by the U.S. Conference of Mayors, Major League Baseball, and Minor League Baseball.  Mayor Jim Gray, a former youth baseball player, says whether tossing a ball in the backyard or playing in an organized league, the sport has a positive effort on the community.

Lexington Officials Consider Final Needle Exchange Draft

Jul 30, 2015

Fayette County's Health Commissioner is among those reviewing the final draft of plans for a needle exchange program.  Dr.

Road Work Commonplace in Lexington this Summer

Jul 27, 2015
Stu Johnson / WEKU News

There are more than a few traffic cones positioned along Lexington area streets this summer.  Traffic delays may frustrate motorists now, but the benefits will be visible in October when the city welcomes the Breeders Cup.


Lexington city leaders are looking at ways to ease traffic jams at two major office areas near the city's unique double cross-over diamond interchange.  Afternoon congestion is a major issue at the Beaumont and Corporate Drive complexes on Harrodsburg Road. Traffic Engineering Director Dowell Hoskins-Squier isn't sure there will be a 'fix all' solution.  "It's not gonna be a simple fix," says Hoskins-squirt.


In the coming fiscal year, Lexington city leaders are considering spending more than $757,000 on emergency shelter programs.  The city's homelessness services director says that figure doesn't cover Lexington's ongoing need.


The arrest of 30 year old Antonio Lewis in connection with the April 19 slaying of a Lexington pizza delivery worker is calming some fears among area Muslims.  The body of Salahuddin Jitmoud was found with knife wounds in the breezeway of a Lexington apartment complex.  University of Kentucky Muslim Student Association President Layla Suleiman says the way Jitmoud was killed prompted concern.  "I think that, just the way he died and the way he was murdered, it made us think like it just seemed very personal," said Suleiman.



Lexington Police are continuing their investigation into the murder of a pizza delivery man this past weekend.  The motive for the crime has not been determined.

Lexington Local Foods Initiative to Assist Low Income Families

Apr 1, 2015

A new program in Fayette County aims to help place healthy produce on the tables of more low income families. As WEKU'S Jonese Franklin reports, funding for the initiative comes from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Record Breaking Snowstorm an Ancient Memory in Ky

Mar 16, 2015
Stu Johnson / WEKU News

A little more than a week ago, central Kentuckians were digging out from an historic snowstorm.  This week is a whole different ballgame, or rather, 'day on the course.'

Lexington Opts to Suspend Yard Waste Collection for 6 Weeks

Jan 30, 2015

Due to a reduction in demand, Lexington officials are implementing a winter waste collection schedule.  For six weeks, yard waste will not be picked up during regular runs.  The special winter schedule begins on February 9th and runs until March 20th.  Lauren Monahan is with the city's Division of Waste Management.  "It's really nice because it allows us to allocate our resources to enhance the trash and recycling collection, especially as the bad winter weather is ahead of us," said Monahan.

Lexington Company Working on Device to Improve Oral Health in KY

Jan 20, 2015

Researchers at Innovative Diagnostics are working on a device that uses saliva to better determine oral health. 

The company is one of nine high tech firms in Kentucky named last week to split almost $3 million. The grants are part of the state's Small Business Innovation Research matching fund program. 


    Hundreds of police officers at the local and state level are being honored for their efforts to stop impaired driving in Kentucky. 

The Office of Highway Safety's annual awards ceremony was held in Lexington Tuesday.

Several Kentucky Post Offices to Feature Sunday Holiday Hours

Dec 10, 2014

Several Kentucky post offices this month will operate over the weekend. In an effort to help customers avoid long lines, the postal service will be open the next two Sundays.

Lexington's Blue Grass Station Branch off Lansdowne Drive will be open from 11 a.m. until 4 p.m. December 14th and the 21st .

High Winds Cause Kentucky Power Outages

Nov 24, 2014

Strong winds Monday wreaked havoc on power lines across many sections of Kentucky.  An official with Kentucky Utilities says the central portion of the state seems to have borne the brunt of the blustery conditions.

Lexington City Leaders Approve Funds for Aquatics Study

Nov 18, 2014

Lexington city leaders have approved spending $150,000 to review aquatic issues.  The study will address matters including the installation of splash pads and building an indoor swimming facility.

National Ice Cream Retailers Association Hold Meeting in Lexington

Nov 14, 2014
Stu Johnson / WEKU News


Even with temperatures taking a big dip this week, some folks still have a taste for ice cream.  The cold treat was the main topic of conversation for hundreds of people this week in downtown Lexington.

Manpower Services Not Yet Seeing Uptick in Seasonal Hiring

Oct 20, 2014


The holidays are fast approaching and that usually means an increase in seasonal employment.  One agency that links potential workers with employers is not yet seeing an increase in temporary hiring.

Four Country Concerts Causing Parking Adjustments

Oct 20, 2014
Stu Johnson / WEKU News

Four concerts over two days in downtown Lexington during Halloween weekend are expected to challenge parking and traffic. Country star Garth Brooks will play two shows at Rupp Arena on Friday, October 31st and two more on Saturday, November first.


Lexington officials are hoping to address a potential public safety issue by removing hundreds of dead or dying ash trees.  The trees, like those in many other states, are succumbing to damage caused by the emerald ash borer.  Lexington Division of Environmental Policy Director Susan Plueger says more staff is needed to help remove the  trees.  "We need equipment.  We need a tree crew working throughout the winter on these issues.  Right now, our tree crew is in streets and roads, the only one that we currently have and they have other duties related to snow removal, pot holes, other activ

Southern Lawmakers Coming to Lexington in Summer 2016

Oct 14, 2014

For the first time since 1988, Lexington will play host to lawmakers and other government officials from 15 southern states.    The formal announcement was made this morning (yesterday) that the Southern Legislative Conference will be held in the city in July of 2016.  

Lexington Calling on Private Firm to Aid in Leaf Collection

Oct 14, 2014


As this week's rainfall has knocked many leaves off of trees, Lexington leaders Tuesday got a briefing on this year's leaf collection efforts.  As in past years, vacuum trucks will roll through Lexington neighborhoods.   Streets and Roads Director Rob Allen says a new interactive map is now available so residents can know when to expect leaf pickups.  "Citizens will now know their subzone in a more accurate start time for collection, so the leaves don't sit on the grass, kill the grass, turn to mud, blow in their neighbors yard," said Allen.

Focus on Business: Kip Cornett on Breeder's Cup 2015

Oct 13, 2014

The Breeders’ Cup will take place in 2015 at Lexington, Kentucky’s Keeneland Race Course - the spot where this prestigious international thoroughbred racing event was conceived - but before now, has never been held.

The horse racing will take place on Friday and Saturday, October 30th and 31st of next year. But planning is now underway to begin the party well before October 30th.

Kip Cornett chairs the 2015 Breeders’ Cup/Keeneland Host Committee and he spoke with Tom Martin.

Here's the Audio/Video: Beatty/Gray Mayoral Debate

Oct 10, 2014
Stu Johnson / WEKU News

Both candidates for Lexington mayor agree that employment must be a key focus of local government.

Incumbent Mayor Jim Gray and challenger Anthany Beatty took center stage Wednesday night at Transylvania University, in a debate sponsored by the school and the Lexington Forum. 

Here's the audio from our radio broadcast: 


And, here's the video from LEX-18 TV's telecast;

City of Lexington Likely to Deny Cable Television Transfer

Oct 8, 2014

Lexington city leaders remain at odds with its cable TV carrier over a franchise agreement.   The Lexington Council is expected to vote Thursday night on resolutions denying the transfer of the local franchise from Time Warner to Comcast, and from Comcast to Charter Communications.  The vote comes as city officials are hearing customer concerns on service and cost.  


A Lexington city council committee has unanimously approved adding electronic cigarettes to the existing indoor smoking ban.  Carol Riker with the University of Kentucky College of Nursing told council Tuesday that e-cigarette aerosols contain toxic gases and tiny particles.  

Vice Mayor Linda Gorton brought the issue to the committee.  "It's a matter of not making it illegal to sell or buy or use the e-cigarettes, it's just don't use them inside where everybody else breathes the air," said Gorton.

New Technologies Could Improve Lexington Traffic Flow

Oct 2, 2014

Officials tasked with managing Lexington's traffic flow are met with daily challenges. The city's new director of traffic engineering is utilizing innovative communication technologies to help get motorists from one spot to another.

Kentuckians Can Get Protection From Four Flu Strains This Fall

Sep 22, 2014

Mid September marks a key point in the flu shot season across Kentucky.  So, health officials are urging all central Kentuckians over six months old to get vaccinated.  Lois Davis, Fayette County Health Department Public Health Nursing Manager says her agency has administered about three thousand shots during each of the last few years.  "It's stayed about the same, I think because of there are more opportunities in the community to get flu shots.  Most of the pharmacies, they are offering flu shots and plus when you go to the grocery stores, those pharmacies are offering flu shots, which


Lexington city officials are initiating a pilot program on substance abuse and violence intervention.  The aim is to advance communication among police, treatment officials, and families directly impacted by drugs and violence.  Social Services Commissioner Beth Mills says five subcommittees will delve into issues like victim services and gun violence.  "Each subcommittee will come up with projects for the community and then we will also do post incident review of drug overdoses, deaths from gun violence, so that law enforcement is talking to the treatment community who's talking to the gr

Stu Johnson / WEKU News

A trade school associated with the Home Builders Association of Lexington officially opens Monday.  About 28 students will participate in heating, ventilation, air conditioning or carpentry classes at the Building Institute of Central Kentucky.

Workforce Development Plan Due in December to City Council

Aug 28, 2014

Lexington city leaders are hoping to use workforce related data to design a new job placement strategy. 

Business and Education Network Director Billie Peavler updated Urban County Council members this week. Peavler says a report detailing workforce needs for 11 industries is expected later this year.  "This is really about identifying what our current labor pool is, what our future needs of our employers are and building that pipeline for that.  Attracting, retaining, and developing a skilled, educated, and talented workforce," said Peavler.