Lexington Recycling Center

Lexington Continues To Look For Recycling Solutions

Jun 14, 2019

The city’s recycling center is back up a week after a key piece of equipment went down but Lexington officials continue to find ways to keep the program on track. 

Lexington Mayor Linda Gorton said there will be some costs when it comes to addressing equipment needs long term.

“There are some upgrades that probably will need to be done, but what is the market looking like?  What is going to be the best path forward for us and our citizens in terms of the things we use.  So, we don’t know what it’s going to look like yet, but we are optimistic.  We’ll get there.”

Lexington Recycling Center Remains Closed

Jun 10, 2019
Stu Johnson

Lexington’s Recycling Center remains shut down after the installation of a new part didn’t fix the problem.  The sorting facility off Manchester Street closed last Thursday.

Angela Poe in Environmental Quality and Public Works said it’s unclear when the Recycling Center will re-open.  She said the staff is working with the manufacturer of the part. “We’re working with them to figure that out, but without knowing what’s wrong and what parts we need, it’s real hard to put a time table on this.  But, it is a top priority to get the Recycle Center back up and going,” said Poe.

Lexington Continues To Face Recycling Challenges

Jun 6, 2019
Stu Johnson

Lexington’s recycling efforts are facing some challenges.  The downtown recycling center is shut down due to a mechanical problem with a machine which sorts aluminum cans. 

City officials suspended paper recycling in mid-May because regional mills were overrun with material.  Angela Poe with Lexington’s Environmental Quality and Public Works Department said the city remains committed to door -to-door recycling. 

Lexington To Further Evaluate Recycling

Apr 29, 2019

The future of city-coordinated recycling in Lexington remains a topic of discussion .  The conversation includes how to cope with mechanical snags at the city’s sorting facility.

Members of a Lexington council committee  recently engaged in a wide open discussion about recycling.  That discussion included everything from changing markets for recyclables and how to cover the cost of door to door collection and sorting. 

Processing Of Recyclables Put On Hold In Lexington

Jan 25, 2019
Stu Johnson

Recyclable materials collected today by Lexington city crews are being diverted to a landfill.  The need to dump the material comes after multiple mechanical failures at the city’s recycling center. 

Lexington Looking to Increase Recycling Fees

Apr 21, 2016

The city of Lexington is moving toward increasing fees for public and private entities using the recycling center.  The matter came before City Council’s Environmental Quality and Public Works Committee Tuesday.