Lexington Mayor Linda Gorton


The new state secretary of transportation has extensive knowledge of Kentucky’s second largest city, something viewed as a plus by Lexington Mayor Linda Gorton.  Two-term Lexington Mayor Jim Gray is stepping into the head job of the state transportation cabinet. Governor-elect Andy Beshear announced a number of appointments Monday.

Lexington Celebrates 100 Miles Of Paved Bike Lanes

Nov 26, 2019
Stu Johnson

Lexington  celebrated the completion of 100 miles of paved bike lanes in Fayette County. The city on Monday reached mile 100 along the West Hickman Trail in Veterans Park.  Mayor Linda Gorton led a news conference. “We’ve still got a long way to go, but 100 miles put us over of the way to the full build out of our bicycle network,” said Gorton.

Lexington Rates High For LGBTQ Inclusion

Nov 21, 2019
Stu Johnson

Lexington scored 93 out of 100 on ratings sponsored by the national Human Rights Campaign.  That compares with a 53 in 2013, the first year the bluegrass community was included in the equality index.  The organization ranks cities based on how inclusive local government law, policies, and services are to gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender communities. 

Stu Johnson

Lexington city leaders introduced the artist chosen to sculpt the “Breaking the Bronze Ceiling” monument Wednesday. 

The event also provided an opportunity to unveil a replica of the statue which will recognize contributions of women throughout Lexington history.

Five silhouettes images of suffragettes standing some 20 feet tall are planned for the corner of Vine and Mill on the Lexington Financial Center Plaza.  Tucson artist Barbara Grygutis was selected from a group which submitted 127 proposals. 


Three Lexington hospitals are pooling resources to maintain the city’s Community Paramedicine Program. The non-traditional use of emergency medical services started in 2017 in Lexington through the help of a federal grant.

Stu Johnson

Lexington officials are expanding its celebration of valor honoring military Veterans into two weeks.

Stu Johnson

Federal, state, and local officials gathered Thursday in Lexington to urge citizens to participate in Red Ribbon Week, an annual campaign focusing on addressing drug abuse issues.

U.S. Attorney Robert Duncan, Jr. said a healthy drug-free lifestyle and taking a stand against drug trafficking are two key components this year.  While overdose deaths in Kentucky fell by 230 from 2017 to 2019, Duncan noted opioid use remains a major concern in Kentucky. 

But, he said, Kentucky also faces a growing methamphetamine problem.


Lexington Mayor Linda Gorton said she will recommend additional funding to address ongoing concerns at the Fayette County jail. 

Gorton updated council members this week on her fact-finding examination at the detention center. Gorton said she had made unannounced visits to the jail and had talked with staff.

“We have had difficulties for a long time out there, so what we’ve done in the past hasn’t worked.  So, we need to think creatively about other ways to fix these problems,” said Gorton.


Lexington Mayor Linda Gorton Tuesday sought to clear up any confusion about city security responsibility and costs associated with President Trump’s scheduled visit on Nov. 4.  The president is holding an election eve rally in Rupp Arena. 

Gorton said city police participate in security and traffic control for all large events at the arena. “The city’s agreement in general practice with events at Rupp is that we provide additional police presence for any event that attracts over 10,000 people,” said Gorton

Lexington Unveils "Safety Net" Initiative

Oct 21, 2019

A number of organizations and individuals are combining their efforts in an attempt to reduce violence in Lexington.  A new plan focuses on police intervention and offering resources to help prevent youth from falling into criminal activity.


Lexington Mayor Linda Gorton has received approval from city council to spend $250,000 to address safety issues on the front of city hall.  City officials still need to decide whether or not to take on bigger exterior issues on the 12-story government center.

The money will go toward rebuilding the entrance to the 100 year old structure.  Mayor Gorton has said it’s critical to address safety concerns in a timely manner.  An architectural consultant suggested last week just over $5 million would be needed to adequately refurbish the outside of the building.

Stu Johnson

Eighteen years of honoring Hispanic heritage will be celebrated this weekend in downtown Lexington.  Festival Latino de Lexington occurs Friday and Saturday evening in the courthouse plaza and Sunday afternoon in Masterson Station Park. 

Hunger Action Day Puts Focus On Needs In Kentucky

Sep 12, 2019
Stu Johnson

The chief executive officer of a well-known central Kentucky food bank believes hunger in the Commonwealth can be defeated over time.  Lexington Mayor Linda Gorton joined God’s Pantry CEO Mike Halligan to declare Thursday “Hunger Action Day.”

Stu Johnson

Lexington city council members continue to investigate where best to house government offices in the future.  City leaders have debated building a new city hall for years.  Tuesday council members heard a consultant’s report on recommendations to address exterior issues on the current government center. 


Lexington city officials say they are getting closer to re-establishing paper recycling. Door to door recycling of paper was suspended in May due to the lack of a market.

The city of Lexington is posting a request for proposals to businesses that might want to provide the recycling service.  Lexington Mayor Linda Gorton saw traditional options are no longer available.  She added it’s taken some time but city officials now believe they know what is needed. 

Stu Johnson

It may have looked like sand on a hot sunny day in Lexington, but it was a pile of salt city officials were shoveling Tuesday to kick off the construction of the city’s second salt barn.  The new storage facility, to be built next to the West Hickman Wastewater Treatment Plant in south Lexington, is expected to be ready by November. 

Lexington Mayor Linda Gorton participated in the “salt shoveling.” “This is a big deal for Fayette County.  We are all very calm about this and quiet, but this is a huge deal when it comes to serving our citizens,” said Gorton.

Stu Johnson

This September will mark a decade for a major fundraiser for Aids Volunteers Incorporated or AVOL.  Details about this year’s Dining Out For Life event were unveiled Wednesday morning at Lexington city hall.

The premise remains the same.  Eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner at any of 56 participating restaurants and at least 25% of sales go to AVOL.  The eating out fundraiser is scheduled for Thursday, September 12th.

AVOL Kentucky Executive Director Jon Parker says the fundraiser will help the Lexington based organization expand its reach.

Recovery Month Activities Scheduled In Lexington

Aug 27, 2019

The city of Lexington is planning a number of activities in September as part of National Recovery Month.  Special Projects Coordinator in the Mayor’s Office, Andrea James said she’s probably met with 50 organizations regarding opioid issues. 

Stu Johnson

Efforts are moving forward to honor the contributions of women throughout Lexington’s history with a monument. An event Monday focused on a future home for such a symbol in Downtown.

Stu Johnson

Lexington’s newest fire station was unveiled in a ribbon cutting ceremony Tuesday in northwest Fayette County. Lexington Mayor Linda Gorton told those gathered at Fire Station 24, public safety is the city’s most important responsibility. 

Public Safety Commissioner Ken Armstrong said the ceremony recognized more than just a new building. “The strength of this building is not just its brick and steel.  It’s in the hearts of the women and men who have pledged to protect us every day,” said Armstrong.

Fayette County Public Schools

A ribbon cutting for a new elementary school in Fayette County provided an opportunity to again recognize the contributions of a public servant, Brenda Cowen, who died in the line of duty. 

More than 400 students will enter the doors of Brenda Cowan Elementary this week when the school officially opens. 

Council To Consider Property Tax Rates Tuesday

Aug 12, 2019

As tradition has it, the Lexington city council will come out of its summer break with a taxing matter to address. 

Lexington Mayor Linda Gorton said “on Tuesday, the first day council is back, they will have to decide on the tax rates for next year.  Their very first day back.  So, it’s setting the property tax rates for next year.

Stu Johnson

For the first time in school district history, Fayette County Public Schools Superintendent Manny Caulk reports students of color will represent more than half of the entire student population. 

Stu Johnson

A recycling consulting firm has been hired to assist Lexington officials in establishing new, long-term recycling strategies.  That review will include investigating a move for a private entity to operate the city’s recycling center. 

A portion of Weku's Stu Johnson's interview with Tyler Scott:

Lexington Continues To Look For Recycling Solutions

Jun 14, 2019

The city’s recycling center is back up a week after a key piece of equipment went down but Lexington officials continue to find ways to keep the program on track. 

Lexington Mayor Linda Gorton said there will be some costs when it comes to addressing equipment needs long term.

“There are some upgrades that probably will need to be done, but what is the market looking like?  What is going to be the best path forward for us and our citizens in terms of the things we use.  So, we don’t know what it’s going to look like yet, but we are optimistic.  We’ll get there.”

Stu Johnson

Emergency 9-1-1 services in four central Kentucky counties are expanding.  Officials say the “texting” addition is particularly important for those with hearing challenges.

Lexington Council Making Budget Adjustments

Jun 5, 2019

Lexington council members have made some budget modifications prior to taking final action over the next couple of weeks.  That includes giving employees a one time bonus

Even with tight financial times at city hall, council members expressed interest in giving employees one time bonuses.  The modified approach calls for a $500 dollar pay supplement for those making under $50,000 and a stipend equivalent to 1% of the base salary for employees earning more than $50,000. 

Stu Johnson

Although the Fourth of July is still more than two months away, interest in celebratory fireworks may be a bit higher than usual this year in Lexington.  The launching of the pyro-technics returns to a traditional location this summer.

In making the announcement not far from the R.J. Corman Railroad launch site, Mayor Linda Gorton said “Lexington cares a lot about fireworks.” “We want them to be big, to light up the sky, and to take our breath away, right?” asked Gorton.

Stu Johnson

Lexington’s Veterans Park was the site for an official announcement Thursday delivered by Mayor Linda Gorton. “Lexington is officially the first city in Kentucky to effectively end veteran homelessness,” announced Gorton.

Lexington Mayor Proposes Continuation Budget

Apr 9, 2019
Stu Johnson

Lexington Mayor Linda Gorton is recommending ‘a continuation budget’ that she says resets the city’s spending.  Gorton delivered her suggestions for the $379 million budget to council Tuesday afternoon.

The first-term mayor says private sector job and salary growth have slowed and so funds coming into the city are lower than expected.  Gorton says fixed costs for utilities, pensions, personnel, and debt service have increased.   Still, citizens should not expect to be asked to dig deeper into their pockets.