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Lexington council member Richard Moloney wants to see more attention given to local employee pension payment obligations over the next five years. 

Moloney expressed his concerns during a council budget committee meeting Tuesday.  Moloney believes a Kentucky Supreme Court ruling declaring the state’s new public pension law unconstitutional would lead to changes in the state budget.“If the case comes out and it is unconstitutional, it will have an impact on all the budget because all the money’s been spent, they’ll have to go back and redo this budget,” said Moloney.


Water Quality Director Charlie Martin says it’s unclear when Lexington residents will see an increase in their sanitary sewer fees. Martin recently update a council committee on water projects.


Stu Johnson

Residents living near the University of Kentucky Tuesday evening learned more about a planned land-street swap between Lexington government and UK.  The hour plus meeting included lots of questions from citizens and answers from UK and city officials.

Effort Focuses on Tree Protection in Lexington

Aug 29, 2016
Stu Johnson WEKU News

A renewed effort is being made in Lexington to protect trees at city funded construction sites.  Members of the council’s Environmental Quality and Public Works Committee heard an update last week. 

Susan Plueger, Environmental Services Director, says the aim is to get all city departments on the same page when it comes to vegetation during capital construction.  “So, if you’re doing a construction project and you’re planning to keep certain trees, those trees need to be protected during construction so they’re not damaged,”