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Stu Johnson

Term limit related legislation fell one vote shy of approval in the House Elections, Constitutional Amendments, and Intergovernmental Affairs Committee.  The measure, calling for a constitutional amendment and voter referendum, limits members in both the House and Senate to 16 years, starting with this fall’s election. 


An ongoing investigation into sexual harassment in the Kentucky legislature still hasn’t determined who paid to settle the claims and for how much. Former House Speaker Jeff Hoover and his accuser are denying the hush money came from political donors.

Stu Johnson

In an extremely rare Saturday meeting of the Kentucky General Assembly, legislators took final action on abortion and labor-related bills.  Both the House and Senate voted to prohibit abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy and require an ultrasound prior to any abortion. 

During debate on the ultrasound measure, Lexington Senator Reggie Thomas said some Kentucky children face extreme trauma every day.  “We see children that are unattended.  We see children who will suffer. We see children who are harmed and permanently damaged.”

With fewer than three weeks before Election Day, Kentucky lawmakers on opposing sides of the aisle have differing views about the likelihood of a change in the state's House majority.  The GOP has been eyeing the 100-member chamber for years.

State Budget Impasse Remains an Issue

Apr 4, 2016

Kentucky lawmakers are deadlocked on a state budget but have to come up with a compromise by April 15th—the last day the state constitution allows them to meet.  If the stalemate continues, state government could be partially shut down. 

Leaders of the Democratic-led House refuse to accept cuts to K-12 and higher education proposed by Senate Republicans and Gov. Matt Bevin. GOP leaders say the cuts are necessary to put more money into the state’s ailing pension system.

The Kentucky House on Friday approved a Senate bill aimed at giving the city of Louisville more authority in dealing with dilapidated housing.  Louisville Representative Jerry Miller says there are some 6,000 vacated properties in the river city.  “These areas unfortunately were hard hit by the recession and they’ve not bounced back," Miller said.  "So what we have are just some properties where the copper and all the metal has been stolen out of them. It is a true crisis in Louisville.”

House Approved ‘DUI Look Back’ Bill Goes to Gov. Bevin

Mar 23, 2016

Several Kentucky House members on Wednesday shared stories about how alcohol abuse has impacted their lives during a debate on legislation related to drunken driving penalties. Lawmakers voted overwhelmingly to double the period of time allowable to determine penalties for habitual drunk drivers from five to 10 years.

Democrats in the Kentucky House are backing a new proposed program to ensure free tuition for up to six semesters at the state’s community and technical colleges.  The Work Ready Kentucky Scholarship Program was formally unveiled Wednesday in the House chamber.  Budget Committee Chair Rick Rand says the legislation would assist entering freshmen.  “Right now we’re not going to do non-traditional students,” Rand explained. “You would have to be right out of high school.  It would be the last dollar in, so if you qualified for a pell grant, KEES scholarship, any other local scholarships you

Kentucky Public Radio

Legislation that would require Kentucky schools to have personnel trained in diabetes management is headed to the House floor.  There were some questions raised in committee Thursday about the measure.  Western Kentucky representative Ben Waide asked about diabetes training slippage.

Praise is pouring in for former Kentucky Rep. Eddie Ballard of Madisonville, who died Tuesday at age 81.   The Hopkins County Democrat, who retired from the legislature last year, had served in the  Kentucky House since 1987.  He was chairman of the Tourism, Development and Energy Committee and vice-chair of the State Government committee.