Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet

Kentucky Afield

State officials are closer to learning the cause of a massive fish kill in the Gasper River in south central Kentucky.



Investigators previously found decreased oxygen levels in the water following the near-total fish kill that occurred over the Memorial Day weekend.  Now, water samples have revealed levels of nutrients and E.coli. 

A new fire department is opening soon in a Union County community thanks to revenue from the coal severance tax. Union County Judge Executive Adam O’Nan says the $500,000 dollar volunteer fire department in Waverly will be operational in about three weeks.

The project is one of three the county is funding with coal severance revenue. O’Nan says the county is also working on a backup emergency generator for Morganfield and a clean water project for Uniontown.

An  administrator in the state Energy and Environment Cabinet says progress is being made in cleaning up illegal dumps and litter abatement across the state.   County and city governments have until November to apply for grant funding in those two areas.  

Earth Day in Ky. Includes Focus on Lead, Radioactivity

Apr 22, 2016

Earth Day 2016 is being celebrated globally with events in Kentucky as well.   At the state level, there are two areas of environmental emphasis right now.

Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet Spokesman John Mura says an oil and gas work group begins meeting next month.  Topping its agenda will be radioactive material discovered recently in two Kentucky landfills.   He believes that was the genesis of the immediate work that the group is doing.  “I think that its mission will extend past that to all restricted substances,” said Mura.