John Tilley

Amid Overcrowding, Kentucky Considers Reopening Private Prisons

Jun 24, 2016

    State prisons are at capacity, county jails are overcrowded and the state is recommending transferring about 1,600 inmates to private prisons that have been shuttered for the past several years.

Officials ended the state’s last private prison contract in 2013, partly as a cost savings measure and also in response to scandals at privately owned prisons in the state.

Gov. Bevin Forms Criminal Justice Task Force

Jun 21, 2016

Gov. Matt Bevin said he wants Kentucky to “lead the way” on criminal justice reform and has appointed a council tasked with producing legislative ideas for next year’s General Assembly.

The 23-member committee includes state officials, legislators and advocates from around the state.

Bevin said the state’s laws need to be changed to save money and allow those convicted of crimes to more effectively rejoin society.

After Another Loss, House Democrats Look to Protect Majority

Dec 11, 2015

In appointing Democratic Rep. John Tilley as secretary of the Justice and Public Protection Cabinet, Gov. Matt Bevin simultaneously gained a knowledgeable mind in his cabinet and delivered a surgical strike at Democrats.

Tilley was of one of the Democrats’ most influential policymakers in the state House.

The move on Thursday also reduces Democrats’ House majority for the upcoming legislative session to 52 of 97 seats. A total of three seats will soon be empty.

More Work Required to Reach Consensus on Heroin Legislation

Mar 12, 2015

The debate over heroin legislation in Kentucky will continue over the next week.  The state House Wednesday night voted on a second version of the bill which includes penalties for traffickers, treatment funding, and a needle exchange provision.  Judiciary Committee Chair John Tilley has led the heroin legislation effort in the House.  "I think this bill once passed, will represent the most comprehensive, common sense, evidence based, data driven approach to what is a public health epidemic," said Tilley.

House Heroin Bill Detailed

Feb 9, 2015

Lawmakers in the Kentucky House of Representatives have announced details of their own bill to combat the heroin epidemic in the state.  It varies from a measure passed by the state Senate in January.