Mary Meehan

The Madison County’s Fiscal Court voted 4-1 Tuesday to raise taxes to build a new $45 million jail. The existing jail was originally built to hold 184 inmates. But according to officials, the jail consistently holds double that number.

Madison Judge Executive Reagan Taylor said he was not eager to raise taxes but the fiscal court had little choice. But Taylor said the overcrowding issue needs to be addressed.

He said voters have been apathetic about the problem resulting in the current difficult situation.

“For them to not be aware that we have an incarceration problem. in our, in our state in our county, I mean for somebody not to know that you're not listening, or you're hiding under a rock or you don't want to hear those things,” he said.

Courtsey Kenton County Jail

Kenton County is launching a 12-step re-entry program for inmates dealing with opioid addictions.

It's a partnership with the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, which created the COR-12 treatment plan, and includes a 90-day residential treatment followed by six months of aftercare with job training and other services.


A western Kentucky Democrat has pre-filed a bill for the 2018 legislative session reducing the criminal penalty for first degree drug possession, or personal possession, from a felony to a misdemeanor. 


Representatives of four different groups are calling for more attention to the number of women incarcerated in Kentucky. 

The groups claim much of that imprisonment stems from low level non-violent drug crimes.

Bill Would Deny Shock Probation In Fatal DUI Cases

Feb 27, 2017


The Kentucky House is expected to vote this week on proposed legislation to prohibit shock probation in driving under the influence cases that involve fatalities, after the measure emerged from the House Judiciary Committee last week.