hospice care

Cheri Lawson

It’s a Wednesday afternoon and the nurse’s station at Hospice of Hope’s Care Center in Maysville is quiet but busy.

Registered nurse, Donna Earlywine has been working at the Care Center at Kenton Pointe since it opened in 2012. Earlywine said, “It’s just an awesome place to work. We get to take care of people. Every day when you go home you know you’ve made a difference.” 

In 1982, Hospice of the Bluegrass was known as Community Hospice of Lexington serving up to eighteen patients in Fayette County with a staff of five plus several dozen volunteers.

Today, Hospice of the Bluegrass serves nearly 700 patients in 32 Kentucky counties with a staff of more than 400 and a volunteer-base of nearly 1,000. This growth and expansion has occurred on the watch of Gretchen Brown, regarded one of the most successful, innovative, and respected leaders of the American hospice movement.