Heather French Henry


Kentucky’s secretary of state candidates fielded questions Monday night on a KET forum including topics like early voting, requiring photo ID, and protecting voter rolls. 

When asked about the possibility of moving to an open primary where independent voters could cast a ballot, Louisville election attorney Michael Adams said he favors the current primary process. “I think the parties ought to have their own process.  Let them make the decisions about whether they want a primary or a caucus.  Do they want it open?  Do they want it closed? Asked Adams.

Vietnam Veterans Tribute Wall Coming to Kentucky Horse Park

Jun 12, 2015

The Kentucky Horse Park will be home to the Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall for five days in July.   Kentucky Department of Veterans Affairs Commissioner Heather French-Henry says the wall is a 300 foot long replica of the memorial in Washington."People who may not have the opportunity to travel to D.C. to the Vietnam Memorial can do so at one of these walls and get the same rubbing of the names,” said French-Henry. “And I think that's extremely important."

Kentucky Vietnam Veterans Are Being Honored This Week

Mar 30, 2015

Kentuckians are being asked to recognize Vietnam Veterans this week.  Governor Beshear proclaimed Monday Vietnam Veterans Day across the Commonwealth.  Kentucky Department of Veterans Affairs Commissioner Heather French Henry says she's the daughter of a disabled Vietnam Veteran.  She says the widespread negative attitude toward soldiers returning from Vietnam was felt by her father and many others.  "And it affected him and it affects him still today," said Henry.  "Not in as much a way as it did, let's say when I was 15, and he was still having difficulty in transitioning back into socie