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Gov. Matt Bevin

Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin has joined 15 other states in supporting a Trump administration rule that would allow small businesses to sign up for health insurance plans that don’t comply with protections required by the Affordable Care Act.

The policy, which has been blocked in federal court, would allow small businesses or groups of people to sign up for “association health plans” that are exempted from covering prescription drugs, emergency services and mental health treatment — all provisions that insurance companies are required to provide under the Affordable Care Act.


The time for procrastination is over. Federal officials will be closing the enrollment for health insurance on Saturday.

Emily Beauregard is Executive Director of Kentucky Voices for Health. She said there is an indication  the federal website is pushing people to consider some short-term plans that may not be a good choice.

“They are actually directing people in some subtle ways to short-term plans which are really nothing more than junk coverage,” she said.

Mary Meehan

The political ads in the Ohio Valley are playing on what seems like a constant loop. That’s not unusual for election season. But what is unusual this year is how many ads focus on health care. Consider this one from Kentucky Republican Andy Barr, who’s facing a tough challenge in the 6th Congressional District from Democrat Amy McGrath.

Vice President is traveling to Kentucky Wednesday to help build support for the health care bill being considered in the Senate.

Pence will meet with business owners in a private invitation-only event.

The Vice President’s visit follows Sunday’s rally in Northern Kentucky featuring Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

Cheri Lawson

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders spoke against the healthcare bill being considered by the U.S. Senate Sunday evening in Northern Kentucky.  The former presidential candidate addressed a crowd estimated at 2000.

Sanders says he doesn't understand why Kentucky senator and Majority Leader Mitch McConnell wants to replace the Affordable Care Act.

Under Kentucky’s implementation of the federal law, the number of uninsured in the state fell from 20% to just under eight percent.

The Office of Andy Barr

Sixth District Rep. Andy Barr discussed his faith and civic responsibility in Lexington Monday evening. While the media was not allowed at the public meeting, it was shared beyond the sanctuary via Twitter.

 Veteran economist Chris Bollinger predicted 2.2 percent  economic growth across Kentucky in 2017

 Veteran economist Chris Bollinger predicted a 2.2. percent economic growth across Kentucky in 2017 Tuesday

Bollinger, director of the University of Kentucky Center for Business and Economic Research said much of the employment gains will be seen in health and service jobs. Bollinger said there are lots options when it comes to economic advances in the state’s rural communities. He spoke at the UK Economic Outlook Conference.

In early May, the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky convened a variety of stakeholders in Kentucky’s Medicaid program to gather feedback on Kentucky’s plan to apply for a federal waiver that allows states to test and evaluate new ways to provide Medicaid. Tom Martin talked about the outcome of that gathering with Foundation President and CEO Susan Zepeda.

In 1982, Hospice of the Bluegrass was known as Community Hospice of Lexington serving up to eighteen patients in Fayette County with a staff of five plus several dozen volunteers.

Today, Hospice of the Bluegrass serves nearly 700 patients in 32 Kentucky counties with a staff of more than 400 and a volunteer-base of nearly 1,000. This growth and expansion has occurred on the watch of Gretchen Brown, regarded one of the most successful, innovative, and respected leaders of the American hospice movement.

Photograph by Darlyne A. Murawski

Outbreaks of a mosquito-borne illness called Chikungunya (pronounced CHICK-en-GUN-yeh) have been reported recently in the surrounding states of Indiana, Tennessee and North Carolina.  Although there have been no confirmed reports of the virus yet in the Commonwealth, local health officials are hoping to educate the public on ways to avoid the disease.  Keith Hall, Communications Director for the Lexington-Fayette County Health Department says while the department regularly sprays for mosquitoes, they recommend residents take some fairly simple precautions.

Health Care to be discussed on Kentucky Tonight

Sep 14, 2012

On this week's edition of Kentucky Tonight, host Bill Goodman and guests will discuss health care.  The program that airs "live" on KET Monday evening, will be re-broadcast Tuesday morning at 11:00 on the WEKU Stations.

Health Care topic of Kentucky Tonight

Jul 9, 2012

On this week's edition of Kentucky Tonight, host Bill Goodman and guests will discuss health care.  The program that airs "live" on KET Monday night at 8:00 will be repeated Tuesday morning at 11:00 on WEKU.