Health Officials Bracing For Tough Flu Season

Sep 17, 2018

Public health officials in Kentucky are preparing for what they expect to be a difficult flu season. 

Health officials make predictions on what will happen in Kentucky by watching the flu season in the southern hemisphere. Public Health Commissioner Dr. Jeffery Howard said it looks the commonwealth is in for a tough year.

Flu Season Could Be Harsh This Year

Dec 8, 2017

The upcoming flu season may be a harsh one in the U.S. judging from data in the southern hemisphere, where the flu season is waning. The New England Journal of Medicine has reported that the flu vaccine used this year in Australia, which has the same composition as the vaccine used in the U.S., had a low rate of effectiveness. But State Epidemiologist Jonathan Ballard said the current vaccine is working well in Kentucky. Even if that weren’t the case, Dr. Ballard said some protection is better than none.


The Kentucky Department of Health says influenza is now “widespread” across the Commonwealth.  This designation indicates flu outbreaks in at least half of the state’s regions.

Feedback on Homeopathic Doc on EST, Voter Turnout

Nov 9, 2015

On Thursday morning, Facebook visitor Peter posted, “Eastern Standard is interviewing a homeopathic doctor about the flu and vaccinations. Are you kidding me? Why not interview a faith healer while you're at it?” To which, Erik commented, “Not just a homeopath, a quantum nutritionist, whatever the hell that means.”   

That entire show is of course available at WEKU dot fm or downloadable as a podcast.

Listener Lee, from Lexington, responded to Tuesday night’s election coverage…

2015-16 Flu Season on Eastern Standard

Nov 2, 2015

The flu season of October 2014 through May 2015 was one of the most severe in recent years. This year’s flu season has kicked off with the first cases being reported in Jefferson and Kenton counties.

On this week’s show, we'll focus on the flu season already upon us and the efforts we can all make to avoid catching the bug.

Guests: Dr. Kraig Humbaugh- Deputy Public Health Commissioner for the Kentucky Department of Public Health.

Phyllis Bryden - Associate Professor of Health Promotion and Administration. 

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A Kentucky health official says 26 people have died in the state as a result of the flu this season.