Double Dollars Program

Two Kentucky agencies are among 32 organizations nationwide benefiting from almost $17 million in federal funding to help low income-citizens buy fruits and vegetables. 

The assistance goes beyond the purchase of produce.


Stu Johnson

An additional $1.4 million in federal, state, and private sector funding is helping to expand a fresh produce program for Kentucky’s low income families. 

An expansion of the three-year-old Double Dollars program, announced Tuesday, makes it possible for families in 22 counties to double their purchasing power at participating farmers markets and retail stores statewide.  

Kentucky’s Farmers Markets Grow ‘Double Dollars” Program

Aug 9, 2016


The “Double Dollars” program offered through several farmers’ markets across Kentucky is growing.  Word of the expansion came during Tuesday’s celebration of Kentucky Farmers Market Week in Frankfort.

“Double Dollars” allows families receiving government nutritional assistance to double their spending power up to ten dollars daily by shopping at certain farmers markets.  The program began in 20-14 with private backing at six markets.