Attorney General Andy Beshear


This interview was orginally published on July 7, 2019.

Incumbent Governor Matt Bevin tells WEKU's Wendy Barnett in this exclusive web interview about his plans and priorities as he seeks a second term. WEKU is providing special coverage of statewide offices. 

Democratic candidate for Governor, Andy Beshear also spoke to WEKU here.

Stu Johnson

Motorists traveling along Lexington’s Avenue of Champions late Tuesday afternoon before the governor’s debate faced a gauntlet of sign waving political supporters.  At times, those championing Gov. Matt Bevin and Attorney General Andy Beshear stood side-by-side.

In spite of gathering on the same side of the street, the allegiances for their candidate was clear, including overlapping chants of  “four more years” and “vote him out”​

Calling herself an accidental activist, teacher Laura Hartke believes Beshear stands out clearly with his support for educators.

It's a Bevin-Beshear Contest In The Fall

May 22, 2019
Stu Johnson

Andy Beshear got what he’s been eyeing for some time, a chance to take on Matt Bevin in a race for governor. Neither man had any kind words to say about the other last night, once the results were counted.


The National Association of State Election Directors has issued a warning after some voters in Mississippi said scammers were calling and pretending to be employees of TurboVote, a legitimate voter registration service.

The scammers asked for Social Security and driver’s license numbers and made false offers to sign up the would-be victims to vote.

Attorney General Andy Beshear says Kentuckians should remember they can’t register to vote over the phone, and the deadline to vote in the upcoming general election has already passed.

Stu Johnson

Some participants at this week’s Kentucky Prosecutors Conference have been briefed on the issues related to driving under the influence of marijuana 

Jennifer Knudsen is a traffic safety resource prosecutor in the Denver area.  Colorado voters approved regulated marijuana for leisure use in 2012.  Knudsen says there is no regulation on potency. “There’s actually a race to see who can get the highest THC is flour and then also concentrates.  Concentrates could be anywhere between 90 and 100% THC,” said Knudsen.

Judge Rules Bevin Can’t Overhaul U of L Board

Sep 28, 2016

A judge has ruled that Gov. Matt Bevin cannot unilaterally reorganize a public university’s board of trustees and dismiss all of its members, calling it an “unprecedented assertion of executive power.”

In June, Bevin issued an executive order abolishing the University of Louisville’s board of trustees, citing dysfunction on the board. He later created a new board and appointed all new members. Attorney General Andy Beshear sued Bevin over the move.

Beshear And Bevin Go To Court Over Board Overhauls

Jun 24, 2016

The latest legal challenge against Gov. Matt Bevin had its first hearing Thursday — Attorney General Andy Beshear is attempting to join a lawsuit contesting Bevin’s reorganization of the Kentucky Retirement Systems board, which manages retirement funds for state workers.

Beshear is also trying to challenge Bevin’s overhaul of the University of Louisville board of trustees in the same move, arguing that both reorganizations should be tried at the same time.

Higher Ed Court Case Receives Second Hearing

May 4, 2016
Stu Johnson / WEKU News

There was more testimony in Frankfort Wednesday regarding the state attorney general’s lawsuit against the governor.  Attorney General Andy Beshear argued Governor Matt Bevin didn’t have the authority to order funding reductions to the state’s universities earlier this spring.

The governor’s attorney Steve Pitt told Judge Thomas Wingate the chief executive does have the ability to decide how to administer funds.  Afterward both men felt good about a positive ruling. 

Gov. Bevin Alleges Corruption Under Beshear Administration

Apr 19, 2016

Gov. Matt Bevin has launched an investigation into potential corruption under former Gov. Steve Beshear’s administration.

In a press conference Tuesday, Bevin alleged state employees were coerced into contributing to Democratic political campaigns, including those of Attorney General Andy Beshear and Bevin’s opponent in the governor’s race, former Attorney General Jack Conway.

Ky. Attorney General Sues Bevin Over Education Cuts

Apr 11, 2016

Kentucky’s Democratic Attorney General Andy Beshear announced on Monday he has filed suit against Republican Gov. Matt Bevin over the governor’s recent order imposing an immediate 4.5 percent funding cut to state colleges and universities.

The cut amounts to some $41 million in spending reductions from what the General Assembly had agreed to in a previous budget.

Beshear said Bevin’s current-year cuts to higher education violate the separation of powers between the three branches of government and are unconstitutional.

Attorney General Tells Bevin To Rescind Education Cuts, Threatens Suit

Apr 1, 2016

A day after Republican Gov. Matt Bevin issued an order cutting the state’s current contribution to higher education by 4.5 percent, Democratic Attorney General Andy Beshear said that move is illegal.

In a news conference late Friday afternoon, Beshear — the state’s top law enforcement official — told Bevin to rescind his order, which made the cuts to state colleges and universities. He said if the governor did not do so within seven days, his office would file suit.