Abortion Legislation

Abortion Procedure Ban Nears Final Passage In Kentucky

Mar 23, 2018
Stu Johnson

A bill that would prohibit a common abortion procedure after the 11th week of pregnancy is nearing final passage from the Republican-led state legislature.

House Bill 454 would ban dilation and evacuation abortions after the 11th week of pregnancy except in medical emergencies. The procedure involves dilating the cervix and removing the fetus using surgical tools and suction.

The bill passed out of the state Senate on Thursday and now returns to the House, which will consider a change made since it originally passed that chamber earlier this month.

Ky. Senate Passes Bill to Restrict Abortion Clinics

Mar 10, 2016

New facilities in Kentucky seeking to perform abortions would be required to obtain from the state a ‘certificate of need’ under legislation approved Wednesday in the republican-led senate.  The measure also requires facilities to have a doctor on site with hospital admitting privileges within 50 miles of the clinic.  Republican Senator Albert Robinson of London brought the bill to the senate floor.  “Currently abortion clinics are not required to go through this process, which means that there is little oversight of their operations," Robinson said.