WKU Announces Second Round Of Staff Cuts

May 3, 2018

Western Kentucky University President Timothy Caboni
Credit College Heights Herald

  The president of Western Kentucky University unveiled phase two of the school’s budget cuts on Thursday. 

WKU President Timothy Caboni says this second round of cuts will result in a $14 million saving. 
The personnel cuts include 10 filled staff positions and the elimination of 20 vacant  positions. 

Caboni says he avoided across the board cuts, but instead put the responsibility on deans and division heads to recommend positions for elimination. 

“I would stay there’s not a pattern based upon revenue generation or expenditure. But we did try to protect those areas focused on enrollment, retention, persistence graduation and also academic areas. So what you’ll see when the position list is released is that they are spread across the enterprise.”

In the first round of budget cuts, WKU eliminated 119 positions.

President Caboni says no additional staff cuts are expected in the upcoming two-year budget.