Vice President Mike Pence to Meet with Business Owners in Lexington

Jul 12, 2017

Vice President is traveling to Kentucky Wednesday to help build support for the health care bill being considered in the Senate.

Pence will meet with business owners in a private invitation-only event.

The Vice President’s visit follows Sunday’s rally in Northern Kentucky featuring Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

Janey Moores is president and owner of BJM and Associates, a 46-year-old staffing company and nursing agency in Lexington.  Moores welcomes the idea of Pence coming to town. “I’m just glad that somebody’s coming to ask us what we know that they need to know up there.”

The daughter and niece of physicians says the Affordable Care Act has been a factor in the decline of personalized private practice  medical care. “We were the world class leader in medicine, and not so anymore.”

Moores says the legislation enacted in 2010 has cost jobs and caused skyrocketing medical costs.

During his Sunday visit to Kentucky, Senator Sanders asserted that no state has benefited more from the Affordable Care Act than Kentucky.