Veteran Lexington Police Officer On Shootings

Sep 5, 2019

file photo

Lexington police are continually called upon to investigate shootings in the central Kentucky community.  One man suffered a gunshot wound in an apartment off Reynolds Road Tuesday evening while the Lexington Herald Leader reports two vehicles were hit by gunfire in separate incidents near a north Lexington grocery store Tuesday.

Lexington Police Lt. Andrew Daugherty said the Bluegrass town doesn’t typically see many random shootings. “In many of these cases, tragic as they are, a lot of times we look at the shootings and they’re shootings involved with people who had contentious relationships with each other prior to the shooting.  Sometimes they’re people involved with drug activity, a lot of time they’re people involved in drug activity.  Prostitution activity, that tends to end up in a situation where people get shot or attacked,” explained Daugherty.

Daugherty says an increasing population is also going to result in more shooting incidents.  He adds there is truth to the adage that acts of violence do tend to occur more often during the overnight hours.   Daugherty says witnesses are key in all these cases.  “If you see something out of place or weird, then say something.  If it makes you feel uncomfortable, you need to call and report it.  I mean it may be something where we go up and talk to the person and it turns out they’re an off duty police officer or something.  That’s why they had a gun under their belt.  But, you don’t know,” said Daugherty.

Daugherty says property crimes have been on the increase, particularly during overnight hours.  The police officer believes that stems partly from more offenders being placed on probation.​

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