Valvoline Celebrates New World Headquarters in Lexington

May 11, 2017

One of Lexington’s longstanding corporate entities is celebrating its new global headquarters.  The ribbon cutting for the $35 million Valvoline world headquarters took place Thursday.

The four-story building with lots of glass carries a V shape as the global base for the lubricant and chemical company. 

Valvoline has had its corporate headquarters in Lexington for 37 years.  The new structure off Richmond Road will house the majority of Valvoline’s 650 or so Lexington employees. 

Valvoline CEO Sam Mitchell says there has been some job creation as well. “Across the organization we added about 120 new to say Ashland slash Valvoline.  Quite a few people who are working as part of the broader Ashland Valvoline team, a lot of those folks, a few hundred came over to work full time on the Valving business,” explained Mitchell.

During the celebration attended by hundreds of Valvoline employees, Mitchell announced that, at the end of trading Friday, a 67-year relationship with the Ashland Company will end and Valvoline will stand on its own.