The Values Behind Your Vote on Eastern Standard

Oct 31, 2016

Have you made up your mind about your vote for the Presidency, the US Senate seat and your representative to the U.S. House?  What about state legislators and county and local races.

On this week’s Eastern Standard, Why are you voting the way you are voting?


On this week's Eastern Standard: Voting and your Values. We want to hear from our listeners about the 2016 elections but to facilitate the conversation we had Communications Director of the Kentucky Republican Party Tres Watson as well as Communications Director for the Kentucky Democratic Party Daniel Lowery with host John Hingsbergen.
Credit Marisa Hempel



We really want to make this a show about you and your values. We want our listeners to make this primarily a call-in show, but we will have representatives from both the Kentucky Republican and Democratic parties to facilitate conversation about the elections in Kentucky and the general election.

We’re interested in your questions or comments before the show at, or at 859-622-1657. You can post a comment on the WEKU Facebook page, or send a tweet at WEKUEST.

Or call in when you tune in for EST, Thursday morning at 11:00 on WEKU.