U.S. Postal Inspector Participates In "Stamp Out Mail Scams" Campaign

Nov 8, 2018

Left to Right-Attorney General Andy Beshear-U.S. Postal Inspector Kathyrn Woliung-BBB Director of Operations Kim Sweazy
Credit Stu Johnson

U.S.  Postal Inspector Team Leader Kathryn Woliung says prevention is the best way to stop mail based scamming. 

The Cincinnati based inspector participated in a “Stamp Out Mail Scams” awareness campaign event Thursday at Lexington’s central post office.  She’s been working in this area for 15 years.

“The scams are the same.  There’s different variations of the scams. And maybe with social media, individuals may be easier to be targeted through email, scams, websites, etc.  But overall, we probably see about the same amount,” said Woliung.

Woliung assisted an elderly man, who had sent out more than ten packages with money inside.  She says he was the victim of a romance scam.  “I went to his house numerous times and the fraudsters, the scammers were so relentless.  His phone rang the entire time I was in his home, each time I visited.  And it was the scammers telling him not to believe law enforcement, don’t believe your family, don’t believe your church,” explained Woliung.

The Stamp Out Mail Scams effort includes posters placed in 700 post offices across the Commonwealth on how to identify, avoid, and report common mail scams.