Unique HIV Testing Campaign Begins

Feb 1, 2018



Credit FDA.Gov

A new HIV campaign in the Louisville area will pay people to be tested for the virus. 

The campaign is being managed by Volunteers of America, which will pay $10 to people who test themselves and another $15 if they refer others for testing. Funding comes from the Centers for Disease Control. 
Program Manager Marshall Keller says the campaign can make a big difference in Louisville. 

"As a health professional, like, I could say something to someone and give facts and information and all these good reasons why someone should be tested, and they may not do it. But if their friend approaches them and says ‘hey, go get tested with me. Like, let’s do this together.’ And can be that peer element, then it makes a big difference.” 

The campaign has no end date yet, and will operate in Louisville and Southern Indiana. Keller says the budget for the program could increase if it gets support.