UK Officials Want to Permanently Close Section of Rose Street

Apr 12, 2016



The University of Kentucky is asking Lexington officials to permanently close a portion of Rose Street.  Representatives made their case Tuesday at Lexington City Hall. 

This stretch of Rose St. between Huguelet and Columbia Avenue has been closed since July of 2014 to help facilitate construction of UK's academic science building.  Vice President for Facilities Management Mary Vosevich says the school wants the closure to be permanent.  “Our goals for closing Rose are to promote safe access in and around campus and to preserve the pedestrian priority in the campus core,” said Vosevich.

Park Avenue resident Mark Barker says the temporary closure, now more than a year old, is impacting nearby streets.   “So people are just going down Columbia in huge numbers," Barker said.  "It’s not one or two, it’s bumper to bumper."

Lexington Planning Commissioner Derek Paulsen said the city would prefer any road closure discussion to ​also include Hilltop Avenue, a road in UK’s master plan.  After the presentation, Vosevich said UK officials will address concerns expressed during the meeting.  She says UK would like to see a decision made by the start of school in August.