UK Officials Outline Response To Meningitis Case

Jan 30, 2018

Students living in university housing are required to have a vaccine for meningitis.

University of Kentucky officials said steps are being taken to contain the spread of meningitis.

Officials at a news conference Tuesday said a student is being treated for an apparent case of the sometimes fatal bacterial infection.

But, health officials are stressing that casual contact, such as sharing a class with the infected student, is not likely to lead to infection. Those with close contact to the student are receiving antibiotics as a precaution.

The residence of the student has also been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized in according with university guidelines for containing the infection. For more information check out the CDC.

UK Spokesman Jay Blanton said students living in university housing are required to be vaccinated for meningitis. He said he could not address the vaccination status of the particular patient because of privacy rules. The student has not been identified.