UK Officials Detail Student Code of Conduct To Council

Feb 5, 2019


University of Kentucky officials detailed Tuesday afternoon an updated student code of conduct policies to Lexington council members.  The university adopted a new code of conduct in June of 2016. 

Office of Student Conduct Director Dominick Williams said the emphasis, in most cases, is on a restorative action plan, not what used to be referred to as sanctioning. “The vast amount of cases we have in the Office of Student Conduct are resolved in that one on one meeting.  We attribute that a lot to us just trying to engage the student, trying to helping them get where they go, having an apathetic process,” said Williams.

Third District Council Member Jake Gibbs said he continues to hear from residents who live side by side with plenty of students.  He noted the one suspension listed in the report for off-campus activities, asking, what type of behavior warrants expulsion.  “There’s a lot of problems.  I know you can’t fix them all.  But I want to let you know what’s going on in some cases.  Again, just a small slice of the neighbors.  There’s a lot of frustrations with my constituents with these things,” noted Gibbs.

UK Dean of Students Nick Kehrwald says the university takes very seriously any issues related to safety.