U of L President James Ramsey To Step Down

Jun 17, 2016

Credit bizjournals.com

University of Louisville President James Ramsey will step down, according to Gov. Matt Bevin.

The governor made the announcement during a news conference Friday morning. He also said he would reorganize U of L’s board of trustees.

“The intent is to give a fresh start, to improve the economies, the efficiencies and the administrative abilities of this board to govern the University of Louisville, because its health and its vibrancy is a critical part of the commonwealth,” Bevin said.

Members of the board have been agitating for Ramsey’s departure for more than a year.

The 20-member board of trustees, which includes 17 members appointed by the governor, has been floating a no-confidence vote in Ramsey in recent months, but a legal battle over the racial composition of the board prevented them from taking any action.

Ramsey has been under fire for numerous scandals over the past several years. The NCAA is investigating the basketball program after a former escort alleged an ex-coach paid for strippers and sex for players and recruits. Last October, Ramsey apologized after he and his senior staff posed for a photograph at a university Halloween party wearing stereotypical Mexican garb.

More recently, Ramsey has been criticized for his dual role as president of the University of Louisville Foundation, for which he received $2.8 million in compensation in 2014. It was unclear Friday morning if Ramsey would stay on as president of the foundation.