Trucks, Technology Bolster State Snow Plan

Nov 28, 2016

A ‘strike force’ truck brigade and a new, traveler-focused website were detailed Monday by state transportation officials.


Kentucky's snow truck fleet includes almost 1,000 state trucks and another 451 contracted vehicles. State Highway Engineer Patty Dunaway said a new website, SnowKy.Ky.Gov, gives updated information on road conditions and clearance allowing drivers to create safer alternative routes.

  Also, she said, expanded automated vehicle location technology tracks salt distribution, fuel, and plow positions on trucks. "If the trucks are driving faster than our recommended 35 miles per hour... then the salt bounces off the road,” Dunaway said.  “It doesn’t cover as it should. So, it helps us to monitor that to make sure we’re trying to be as consistent as we possibly can.”   Some 200 trucks will have that technology. Dunaway said eight additional trucks are designated as a strike force to address trouble spots across the commonwealth