Triple A Advises High Cost For Driver Assist Repairs

Oct 29, 2018


A representative from Bluegrass Triple A says new technologies to help motorists avoid collisions, like sensors and cameras found in mirrors and bumpers, can be costly to repair, if damaged in a crash.

Triple A Manager of Public and Government Affairs Lori Weaver Hawkins says driver assist technology equipment can be easily damaged. “They all use sensors and they can use cameras and they’re found in areas that often, even in a small fender bender or accidentally hitting your mirror, driving out of your garage or hitting your mailbox, trying to get the mail, you can damage these systems,” said Weaver Hawkins.

Weaver Hawkins says most insurance companies will cover the cost of these repairs.  But, she suggests checking for a well-equipped repair shop since recalculation of sensors can present challenges.  And she adds insurance premium costs could change over time.  “We’re probably at the front end of these technologies so we really don’t have a good handle on how those could be impacting insurance rates.  So, I don’t have a prediction on that, but that’s certainly something that’s a strong possibility,” noted Weaver Hawkins.

Weaver Hawkins says Triple A studies show that if all vehicles were equipped with safety cameras and sensors, traffic crashes could be reduced by 40% and fatalities by 30%.​