Trick or Treat Moved Up One Day In Many Central Kentucky Communities

Oct 29, 2018


The threat of heavy steady rain this Wednesday has prompted a number of communities to move up trick or treat festivities one day.  Trick or Treat in a number of central Kentucky towns including Lexington, Richmond, Winchester, and Versailles will be from 6:00 to 8:00 Tuesday night. 

National Weather Service Meteorologist Brian Schoettmer says the change should help keep trick or treaters dry.

“Certainly Tuesday evening looks like a better, cause it’s a guaranteed dry day.  By the time we get into Wednesday evening, Halloween evening, there’s pretty good chances of rain and it’s quickly going to deteriorate right around that trick or treat time,” said Schoettmer.

Schoettmer says a lot of moisture will be coming up from the Gulf of Mexico.  He says the rainfall is likely to cover the entire central Kentucky region.