Today is the Last Day to Comment on EPA's Power Plant Rule Replacement

Oct 31, 2018

EPA is accepting comments about the ACA until midnight online and by email and fax.
Credit / United States Environmental Protection Agency

  The EPA proposed the so-called Affordable Clean Energy rule back in August.

The rule is more broad than its predecessor, the Clean Power Plan, which aimed to cut greenhouse gas emissions from power plants.

It puts the onus on states to come up with individual plans to reduce emissions on a plant by plant basis. For example, the rule urges states to help coal-fired power plants install technologies to reduce emissions.

But the EPA’s own analysis says the ACE rule is unlikely to provide a boost to the Ohio Valley coal industry. It also says there will be a dramatic impact on public health.

The agency says as many as 1,400 people each year could die prematurely of heart and lung disease, linked to exposure of fine soot particles released from smokestacks.

EPA is accepting comments until midnight online and by email and fax.