Three Vehicle Crash On Interstate 75 In Fayette County Claims Three Lives

Sep 5, 2019


Police continue their investigation into a three-car crash with multi-fatalities Wednesday night along Interstate 75 in Fayette County. 

Three people, 35 -year -old Debbie Lynn Bevins, 26 -year -old Taylor Blevins, and 20 -year -old Caitlyn Bailey died at the scene.   Lexington police say they were alerted a vehicle was fleeing Winchester police westbound on Interstate 64. 

Sgt. David Flannery said a vehicle merged onto I-75 and then made an abrupt U-turn, traveling the wrong direction on the interstate.  It then struck two vehicles.  A section of the interstate was shut down for about 12 hours.  Flannery added the number of fatalities and vehicles created the lengthy closure.

“I mean the families of these victims that lost their life today.  You know, we impact people with traffic and that kind of stuff.  That’s minor compared to the impact that the victims’ families are going through right now.  I can’t even imagine,” said Flannery.

The driver of the fleeing vehicle, 42 -year- old Tammy Rodriguez has been charged with driving under the influence and no operator’s license.  Winchester police had not responded to a request for information by late afternoon Thursday. 

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