Temporary Parking For Historic Lexington Church Approved

Dec 5, 2018

View of the Cox Street parking lot and area behind Main Street Baptist Church
Credit Lexington Herald-Leader

The Lexington Council has voted to spend up to $90,000 to build a temporary parking lot for Main Street Baptist Church.  The expansion of the downtown convention center is anticipated to wipe out much of the area currently used for church parking. 

Elder Wayne Cornelius says church members are happy the council moved in their favor, but long-term issues remain. “So, after this is done, we have to think about long-term, at times when the park comes back into play.  Then that’s another whole series of negotiations have to go on,” said Cornelius

Cornelius is referring to another big project in the area, the Town Branch Park.  That construction is set to start in about three years.  The paved lot is expected to have some 30 spots.   During certain times, visitors to the nearby Mary Todd Lincoln House will be able to use the temporary lot.  

Director of Project Management in the mayor’s office, Brandi Peacher says pavement work does require certain conditions.  “I’m not too concerned with the asphalt being the problem, because we, at the very least, can put down, do all the preliminary work for the parking lot and, at the very least have some gravel available to park on in the interim while we wait for asphalt to be available when it warms up,” explained Peacher.

Peacher says the paved lot should be ready for use by February or March.