A Teenager Dies On The Job. His Family’s Work Begins

Nov 13, 2018

Pam and Mike Oakley, at their home in Garrard County, Kentucky.
Credit J. Tylor Franklin

When a worker is killed on the job in Kentucky, a state agency is supposed to find out what happened. But a review of state records and a recent scathing federal report show that agency is not properly investigating workplace fatalities. These shortcomings leave workers at risk and leave families with unanswered questions.

As part of the series, Fatal Flaws, Jeff Young of the Ohio Valley ReSource tells the story of one such family. They say the state’s failures added to their grief and harmed their chances to get justice for their son’s death.

The Fatal Flaws investigation is a collaboration by KyCIR, the Ohio Valley ReSource and the Center for Public Integrity. To explore the whole series, including interactive graphics, click here.