Teachers Plan to Protest Again in Frankfort Friday

Apr 12, 2018

file photo of previous teacher rally in Frankfort

Teachers from across Kentucky are expected to converge on the state capitol again Friday/today as lawmakers return for the final days of the legislative session. Teachers are protesting pension cuts and encouraging lawmakers to override Gov. Bevin’s veto of the state budget. 

The statewide teachers union has called for lawmakers to override Gov. Matt Bevin’s vetoes of the two-year state budget and revenue bills, which set aside more funding for public education than Bevin’s proposed budget did. 

Lawmakers can override the vetoes with a constitutional majority of votes in the legislature—that’s 51 of 100 House members and 20 out of 38 Senators. 

More than thirty districts across the state have already canceled classes in response to a surge of teachers requesting time off. 
A handful of other districts will be open for half of the day or are out for spring break. 

If lawmakers don’t override the budget veto or pass a new budget by Saturday, Bevin will have to call them back for a special legislative session.