Survey Cites Challenges For Singles In Kentucky

Feb 4, 2019

Credit courier-journal

With Valentine’s Day festivities just over a week away, the personal finance website WalletHub ranks Kentucky as the 5th worst state when it comes to being single.  It bases that on close to 30 indicators of what’s termed “dating friendliness.” 

Jill Gonzales is an analyst with WalletHub. “It really comes down to just less dating opportunities overall. It gets a lot better when it comes to dating economics.  It’s not the most expensive place to take people on dates.  There are certainly nightlife options and restaurants available, but when the share of singles tends to be lower that is really where the problem arises,” said Gonzales.

Gonzalez said there is less online and mobile dating in Kentucky compared to other states.   The WalletHub report also states that about 45 percent of all U.S. adults are single.

Gonzales said Kentucky’s share of single adults is about 40 percent where cities and states with higher rankings tend to fall at the 50 to 60 percent mark.  The WalletHub report also puts the Commonwealth’s gender balance of singles in different age groups at number 36 nationally.