Supporters, Protestors Greet Donald Trump In Lexington

Nov 4, 2019


Crowds were allowed inside starting at 4 p.m.

The High Street parking lot across from Rupp Arena was bustling hours before the doors even opened for President Donald J. Trump’s Lexington rally.

The president came to the Bluegrass to encourage support of Gov. Matt Bevin in Tuesday’s election. Randal Thom, who’s from Minnesota, said he was first in line to get into Rupp Arena. He said another term for Bevin is important.

“You can’t support President Trump and not vote for Bevin. We need Bevin to get elected because otherwise, if he would lose, the media would say, see Trump’s losing his strength.  He don’t have the power to get people elected,” he said.

Debbie Green of Lexington, who wore a cowboy hat for Trump, also supports the president.

“He has done more for everybody than any president we’ve ever had.  We trust him.  It’s a trust thing,” she said.

Just outside the arena, lots of Trump item retailers positioned themselves close to the hundreds waiting in line. Eric Golub had T-shirts.  One read Israel Strong- Built Jewish Tough.

“I’m a conservative and I like his Supreme Court Justices.  I like that he’s pro-gun.  I like that he’s pro-Israel.  I like that he’s pro-military.  I had nothing against Barrack Obama personally, but he was wrong abut everything that mattered,” he said. 

Gina Granville works at a business in Triangle Park on the other side of the arena. She is not a fan of Trump. She said she is especially concerned about comments she considers racist and sexist.

“I mean I just don’t agree with all the stuff that he does,” she said.

The Trump Baby balloon, unveiled in England in 2018, came to Lexington’s courthouse square as part of a

The Trump Baby balloon was set up on the courthouse square in Lexington in protest to Trump's rally.
Credit Stu Johnson

protest over Trump’s visit.

Lexington’s Lee Francis just happened by the 24-foot-high inflatable.

“It definitely conveys a lot of people’s feelings on how he acts and how he carries himself as our president.  It’s a good display of that,” she said.

Rob Kennedy, who said he’s a baby sitter for the Trump Baby balloon, said a similar inflatable has been in 27 cities in the United States including Nashville, Los Angeles, and Washington.

Trump protesters, many carrying signs, also made their preference for governor clear by chanting: “Say it loud, say it clear, Bevin is not welcome here.”

“If you voted for Trump, you owe the U.S. an apology. Because he’s an embarrassment to the United States and the world and he lies and he’s deceitful and he’s a bully, and he’s disgusting.”

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