State Releases School Accountability Scores

Sep 26, 2018

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Parents of public school aged children may be checking school accountability readings.  State officials Wednesday released performance scores for elementary, middle, and high schools across the Commonwealth.

Some 50 schools statewide were anticipated to fall into the Comprehensive Support and Improvement category.  If scores don’t improve over three years, state assistance would occur.  Interim Education Commissioner Wayne Lewis says that could stretch state resources. “We will serve, as CSI schools about twice the number of schools that we were serving previously as priority schools.  That’s a big strain.  That’s a big lift.”  said Lewis.

The federal and state school accountability program also includes the Targeted Support and Improvement category.  Hundreds of schools are listed with this student performance assessment.

Lewis says most of the TSI designated schools probably have room for improvement for students with disabilities.  “I think it’s an incredible area of growth for us across the state.  I think we should be grateful that we do have an accountability system that shines that flashlight on the performance of kids with disabilities, includes them as one of the groups,” added Lewis.

Earlier this month, Lewis said a TSI designation doesn’t mean a school is failing or low performing.  Still schools falling in the Targeted Support and Improvement or Comprehensive Support and Improvement categories will be required to develop improvement plans.  If after three years, CSI designated schools don’t see improvement, the state will step in to lend assistance.