State Labor Officials Propose Significant Reorganization

Feb 10, 2019

 A proposal to make a significant modification to Kentucky’s State Labor Cabinet and rename another cabinet is getting a review in Frankfort.  The suggested reorganization came before a Senate committee last week.  

Labor cabinet leaders are recommending the Occupational and Safety Health Regulation Department along with the Wages and Hours section be moved out of labor and be placed in a new Public and Worker Protection Cabinet.  David Dickerson is acting labor secretary. “All programmatic functions of the cabinet will continue to exist just as they do today.  The programmatic changes are nil.  No employee will lose his or her job as a result of this proposal.   We propose a pathway for reducing workers compensation costs without adversely affecting benefits,” said Dickerson.

Labor cabinet officials say it’s a cost saving measure and makes more sense to move occupational and safety enforcement into a protection based cabinet.  Following the meeting, Bill Londrigan of Kentucky’s AFL-CIO said there were, quote, “lots of questions” about the proposal.

Senate Economic Development, Tourism, and Labor Committee Chairperson Danny Carrol says it’s a significant change and may not necessarily be acted on this legislative session.