State Health Officials Say Hep A Cases Continue To Rise

Feb 8, 2019

People who are homeless are at high risk for contracting hepatitis A. But the broaded community is also at risk as confirmed cases are now found in 103 out of 120 Kentucky counties.
Credit Mary Meehan

Kentucky health officials are urging people to get vaccinated against hepatitis A as the number of cases in the Commonwealth continues to rise. According to the state Department of Public Health there are 3,819 confirmed cases. 

In an average year, Kentucky has about 20 cases of hepatitis In a press release Friday Public Health Commissioner Dr. Jeff Howard says it is very important for people who are considered high risk to get vaccinated. That includes the homeless, people who use illicit drugs and people and men who have sex with men. 
Those with chronic health conditions, pregnant women and the elderly are also urged to get a vaccination because they may have more serious consequences if they contract hep A. 
During the current outbreak in Kentucky about 2,000 people have been hospitalized and 40 people have died. 
For more information on hep A, contact your local health department or private health care provider.