Southern Kentucky Winery Reaps Solar Benefits

Feb 11, 2019

Credit Cedar Creek Vineyards

Cedar Creek Vineyards is now selling wine produced through solar power.  The Somerset operation is believed to be the first winery in the Commonwealth to be solar powered.  The array of 30 panels to collect sunlight was installed just over two years ago.

Cedar Creek Vineyards Owner Jeff Wiles said it’s difficult to say how big a part solar will play in the future of the Kentucky winemaking industry. “Different people have different ideas about things and it and there always has to be somebody that starts doing something that’s new, I think.  And in the industry in Kentucky, it seems like, that would be us,” said Wiles.

Solar Energy Solutions of Lexington installed the solar panels at the Cedar Creek Vineyards.  Company Co-Owner Steve Ricketts said there are agriculturally related uses for things like grain dryers or hog and chicken sheds.  Ricketts will be featured in this week’s Eastern Standard program, this Thursday at 11:00.