Solar Energy Celebration Planned

Apr 22, 2019

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The executive director of the Kentucky Conservation Committee said many of the environmental messages promoted in past Earth Day events are now adopted as commonplace.  The first Earth Day took place in 1970. 

Lane Boldman believes sustainability is more than a buzzword today. “People are becoming more in tune with the fact that it’s just common sense to be eco-friendly, to be conserving resources, to be working smarter and using new technology and efficiencies to use less energy,” said Boldman.

She said that’s particularly the case with Millennials. 

“They have had to deal with the threat of climate change their whole lives.  They see sustainability as not just a fad or a fashion or a nice thing to do, they see it as a way of life and they see it as how they need to deal with their generational needs,” she said. 

While admitting changing markets are creating some challenges with recycling, Boldman said more emphasis is being placed on not producing waste in the first place. 

Boldman said solar energy is taking off in the Commonwealth.

Here's an extended interview with Lane Boldman:

Boldman says a "Solar On The Rise" event is scheduled from noon until 2:00 on April 28th at West Sixth Farm in Frankfort