Six Die In Interstate 75 Crash In Fayette County Including Five Family Members

Jan 6, 2019

The investigation continues into an early Sunday morning crash on interstate 75 in Fayette County that claimed six lives including five in one family. 

Police say a white pickup truck traveling north in the southbound lanes struck an SUV head on, causing the SUV to catch fire.  Sergeant Donnell Gordon with Lexington police.

“We’re asking the public for any information, any witnesses that may have seen the pickup truck’s original destination to the point of contact of the collision, so that way we could try to come up with a better idea of what actually happened” said Gordon.

The Fayette Coroner’s Office reports the Abbas family, from Northville Michigan, was traveling home from a Florida vacation when the head on collision occurred.   The coroner’s office report says the driver of the pickup, 41 year old Joey Lee Bailey and the five members of the Abbas family, ranging in age from seven to 42 were killed in the crash.  They are 42 year old Issam  Abbas , 38 year old Rima Abbas, 14 year old Ali Abbas, 13 year old Isabella Abbas, seven year old Giselle  Abbas, and Bailey.​

The coroner report also states it’s believed Bailey was driving under the influence.