Shelbyville Hosts Small Business Administration Hearing

Jul 27, 2018


Amid a shortage of skilled workers, Gov. Matt Bevin says that the state and country need to focus on training young people to fill jobs in high-demand industries like manufacturing, healthcare and transportation.

The governor once again singled out French literature as an area of study that the students shouldn’t focus on. 

Bevin said people should study things that will produce skills and abilities that will make them useful citizens, which evidently doesn’t include French literature.  “The purpose of public education and of public dollars going into education isn’t to humor people that are liberal. It is to ensure that people who need to hire people to do work actually have the skills necessary,” said Bevin. 
Bevin made the comments after a roundtable discussion in Shelbyville with the head of the federal Small Business Administration, Linda McMahon, the former CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment. 
Bevin said that the state needs to make it easy for people to get training for high-demand jobs like manufacturing and engineering.