Senator Requests Inquiry Into State Handling Of Hep A

Mar 1, 2019

Sen. Ralph Alvardo (left), head of the Cabinet for Health and Family Services Adam Meier (center) and Sen. Morgan McGarvey held a press conference Friday.
Credit Mary Meehan

State Sen. Morgan McGarvey filed a resolution Friday asking for a review of how the state has handled the current Hepatitis A outbreak.

Kentucky has about 4,100 confirmed cases and 43 people have died. It is the worst outbreak in the country.

McGarvey said the intent of the resolution is to discover “ what happened why it happened and how do fix it going forward and get a report to the legislature so we can do our part as policymakers to ensure this never happens again. “

McGarvey, a Democrat, said he will work with Republican Senator Ralph Alvarado in moving forward.

“As you can tell, what we are trying to do is make it clear the public health is not a partisan issue.”

The announcement was made a press conference at the Capitol. The head of the Cabinet For Health and Family Services Adam Meier used the event to chastise the Courier-Journal for what he considered unfairly critical coverage of how state officials have handled the outbreak.