Senate Passes Teacher Professional Development Legislation

Jan 23, 2018


The Kentucky Senate has passed legislation aimed at creating more flexibility in teacher professional development.  It also seeks to establish consistent rigor for in-home instruction when school is not in session due to winter weather.

Under Senate Bill 73, a three year pilot project could result in options to scheduled professional development days at the start of the school year.  Bill Sponsor David Givens makes the comparison to ‘teachable moments’ for students in class.  He says this could be the same for teachers. “This would provide the authority for the district to develop targeted 2-3-4 teacher credentialing of professional development at those points in the year when teachers might need it,” said Givens.

Another section of the bill sets up a three year window to develop non-traditional instruction for students on snow days.  Givens says it would, through technology, help students better stay on track when schools are closed.