Senate Committee Backs Public School Council Changes

Jan 10, 2019


Modifications to public schools’ site-based decision- making framework got backing from the Senate Education Committee Thursday.  School councils came into existence with the passage of state education reforms almost three decades ago.  

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Kentucky School Boards Association’s Eric Kennedy sais local public school governing boards back the changes. “Some the issues we see and the complaints we see kind of in general out in the public atmosphere are things that are so skewed and not based on reality.  Ultimately we need more engagement in the school,” said Kennedy.

The measure calls for reducing the minimum number of teacher representation on councils by one from three to two.   Kennedy says the bill allows for more teachers and parents as long as there is an equal number of each. 

Kentucky Education Association President Stephanie Winkler said her group would also still like to see classified workers a part of school councils. “Our classified school employees work with some of our neediest students and their voice is gravely important in helping identifying student success which is what councils are about,” said Winkler.

The bill also requires individual school principals to be selected by district superintendents, after consulting with school councils.   The current practice has council’s playing a bigger role in hiring school principals.